Snaptube for iOS

Do you want to download different kinds of video and audio files from the video streaming websites like YouTube, VIMEO or Dailymotion? Here we have an application, which can be used to download any videos and audios directly to your Apple phone.  It is very much essential for any individual to keep a database of their favourite videos and audios, as people run out of data connectivity often while travelling. There would be nobody, who depends on the internet connectivity all the time, despite that, it is a waste of time in streaming the video and the data.

Snaptube lets you download any kind of video like movies, songs, documentaries, reviews, funny videos and so on from some of the major video streaming websites for free of cost. It is really not necessary to subscribe to a paid channel or buy songs from iTunes store. The options have been turning out to be easier than ever before, as you can download any kind of videos available on the major video streaming websites without paying a penny by using Snaptube. Snaptube can be considered as a boon application, as it gives you an option to download videos for free of cost and in different formats.

How many of you paid to listen to a song and regret later? You can go ahead and buy songs to appreciate the artist behind the track, but few wrong decisions end up with a waste of time and money. Here you got a chance of listening to the song before and buying from iTunes store to appreciate the artist behind it.

  1. Why iOS is different from Android

iOS is an application made by APPLE exclusive to use it on APPLE Smartphones, tabs and iPods. The iOS is popular for a lot of reasons like security, user-friendly, more options, and advanced features and so on. You may end up buying many applications, which are usually available for free on Android, but security aspect on most of the applications are generally good with iOS than Android.

Some of the most common and popular reasons behind choosing iOS over Android

User friendly

Apple Mobile phone are well equipped with iOS operating, which is considered as the most user-friendly for iOS users. This is indeed based on opinions, as people who are using Android for years would find difficulty in using iOS for the first time and people who have been using iOS would find difficulty in using Android for the first time. Though, both the operating system have similar kind of options, the placement and the easy to find concept is all that matters to define user-friendly feature on any operating system and phone. iOS wins the race in few countries and Android wins the race in few countries, but iOS is the pick of the day for any individual with more budgets to buy a phone.

APP plugins

iOS carefully designs the operating system by giving plenty of options in terms of plugins. There are a lot of applications, which requires a connection to the default applications such as snapchat, WhatsApp and so on… most of the contacts and gallery would be used to connect to the application. You can find plugins from the operating system. It helps people to install the unwanted application to perform the task. These unwanted and middle agent application can carry sensitive information in nature.


iOS has been made mandatory to most of the government officials in some of the developed countries, as the iOS devices give a hard time in hacking through the system compared to Android. Most of the today’s works get started and completed from the mobile phones because people can access almost anything with the help of a smartphone. Keeping a secured device helps the entire country to secure their system from internet hackers. iOS device helps people to secure their personal and official information to a larger extent.


As Apple manufacturers all the components themselves, they are aware of the flaws in the system to get over it. Even an old operating system from Apple would be in good shape, as it does not attract heavy case files and keeps all the hardware devices in a perfect shape. As Apple manufacturers both hardware and software under the same roof, it becomes easier to fix any kind of glitches or flaws in the system. iOS devices win the race for Operating stability, speed, and durability compared to Android.

  1. Why is it a mandatory application for you?

Snaptube can be considered as a mandatory application because most of the people would prefer to keep a private music and video database, which can be used at any given point of time. Installing the Snaptube application on your iOS phone can save you money and data by downloading videos and audio directly from some of the major video streaming websites.

You can download video and audio file with the necessary options like

  • Pausing and resuming the download during mobile data.
  • Downloads in both high definition and high definition formats
  • Lets you choose your favorite file format of the file
  • Allows you to download in both audio and video format.

  1. How to download Snaptube for iOS?

Snaptube is currently not available for iPhone because it is still not listed in the Apple iStore. iPhone market helps you to download similar applications which can do the same process, however, installing Snaptube with the help of 3rd party app like CYDIA is quite challenging.


Snaptube is a useful application for every iOS user, as you do not have to spend time in searching and paying for a particular track on iTunes. Snaptube lets you download video and audio files directly from video streaming sites. It can help you save time and money to a greater extent. You can download a different kind of videos in different formats and lets you download at your favourite time by giving out different options to pause and resume the operation.

Snaptube for Android

Every music lover would prefer to listen to the music without any disturbance or ads. As most of the videos would come with an ad in the beginning and the middle of the video, it is quite frustrating to watch and add or skin, an ad to watch our favourite video. Here is a chance to download an application, which lets you download your favourite video or audio to enjoy flawlessly on your phone. Snaptube can be used to watch and download videos from some of the major video streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on.

Snaptube is a user-friendly application, which lets you enjoy the similar user interface of the site. It helps people to search for new videos and favourite videos easily. A Snaptube can be installed on PC and android devices like mobile phones and tabs.  Snaptube is easily available in the PlayStore, or you can download an APK file from the website and transfer it with the help of a computer. You can download Snaptube for Android with the help of website by downloading the APK file from the website and installing the file from the download folder.

What is Snaptube?

Snaptube is a video download application, which is available on the PlayStore. Snaptube makes your job easier by downloading your favourite video file in different formats. Snaptube lets you access different video streaming websites and let you watch your favourite video. You will have an option to download and watch the video online. This option helps you listen or watch the song before downloading and avoids wastage of both data and time.

snaptube fo

Snaptube gives you various options to select the preferred format of the video track, which plays a major role in downloading the file in terms of both quality and time. It is quite obvious that a quality video file takes a long time than an average video file, as the file size would be huge in size. You can keep your time and data in mind before choosing the preferred format. If you a fan of listening to the songs or prefer to download only audio tracks, there is an option to choose between video formats and audio formats. As we all travel most of the times, we prefer to listen to music without getting disturbed, downloading your favourite tracks can help you listen to your music files without the help of internet.

Different versions of Android operating system

Android is the most popular operating system and has been used by more than 50% of the Smartphone users. Android is a mobile operating system, which is being used by most of the reputable phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Motorola and so on…  Android has a lot of versions and upgrades based on the demand and the requirement.

Android releases a new operating system once in 15 – 20 months and people would be waiting to use the brand new version of the operating system. An Android has totally released 7 operating system with different version on it for the users. Android started with Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, lollypop, marshmallow and Nougat. All these operating systems are being upgraded with different versions.

How to download Snaptube for Android

  • You can download Snaptube by finding the application in Google market or you can always download an APK file from the website or get it transferred to your mobile phone
  • Find the folder and install the application.
  • After the installation process, tap the icon and select your preferred video streaming website.
  • Enjoy the video and download by tapping the download button

Why use Snaptube for Android devices


Snaptube is an application, which makes use of video streaming website to download video and audio files to the device. There is no need to install a separate application, where you end up paying for every song you download. Using Snaptube helps you download video and audio files easily and quickly.

Free of cost

Snaptube is a free application, which runs on Android and available in Android market. Snaptube does not charge a penny to download the application or to download a video or an audio file to the device. You can make use of the main video websites to download different video files in various formats. Listen to the song and proceed to the download option and does not ask you pay or to contribute to the charity.

Free of ads

Ads are indeed frustrating to every individual, as it takes a lot of time in displaying ads before and after every step. Snaptube is a user-friendly video downloading an application, which runs without displaying ads. As the application does not focus on displaying ads during the operation, it will turn out to be easier for users to watch and download the videos without wasting time.

Access to different websites

YouTube has been a popular and most visited video streaming site, but YouTube has been competing with its rivals because other sites are giving a close fight in few of the countries. It is a fact that the videos are being released on VIMEO and Dailymotion first before YouTube. This makes video uploaders to choose YouTube rivalries to upload videos to attract a good amount of traffic. Snaptube gives out an option to access YouTube, VIMEO and Dailymotion, from where you can download videos in both video and audio format.

Different formats

Most of us prefer to have audio files more than video files, as we all would like to watch videos on a computer and listen to music tracks on the mobile phone. There is no need to install another application to convert a video file into an audio file. Snaptube does the job of converting a video file to audio file automatically. You get a lot of options regarding file formats to choose, and you get to see audio formats in a separate section before you initiate the download process.

Snaptube for PC

Snaptube can be considered as a mandatory application for any age group individuals across the world. YouTube, Vimeo and Daily motion have been the popular channel to watch latest and old videos for a long time now. There are plenty of video websites like YouTube, Daily motion, Vimeo and so on. And there are only a few applications like Snaptube available to use and download videos on your personal computer. It is easier to look out for a particular video with the help of other videos and has a lot of chances of getting all kinds of videos like documentaries, reviews and so on. These videos are almost impossible to be found from a particular website, as there are very less amount of websites, which can help you download the video and watch it offline.

Snaptube is one of the popular applications, which can be used to download different kinds of videos from more than a couple of video websites. Not all music tracks would be available to download on regular downloading sites, as the database is huge to store. As these video websites can be used for people to upload and generate revenue, it is easier to find most of the songs on sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion.

  1. Benefits of using Snaptube in general

  • Saves time in downloading

Snaptube is an application, which is used to download videos from major video websites. You do not have to search online to figure out a right website to download your favorite tracks or documentaries or general videos. You can download video without wasting time by using Snaptube, as Snaptube gives out an easy user interface to understand and search for the videos.

  • Download in both high resolution and low resolution

Not everybody would be interested in watching videos of both in high and low resolution. It takes a lot of data to download high-resolution videos from the video website. Snaptube gives out an option to download the video in low resolution, which helps you to save both data and time. The other bunch of the crowd would not like to download low-resolution videos because of clarity. Snaptube helps you to select high definition even for low-resolution videos, which helps you to gain a better quality than the usual clarity and can be watched in you mobile phone, PC, Tablet and so on.

  • Easy to Search different audios and videos

We all know that video streaming websites contain a lot of videos, but are easier to search with the help of keyword suggestions. It is simpler to search for any particular video, as you would get to see the suggested videos based on your keywords. It helps you to get a particular video even with the help of a small keyword. Snaptube gives out the same User interface and options for you to searching a particular track, which is easier both the watch and to download the video.

  • Download in all the formats

You can download a video from a video streaming website in both audio and video format. Downloading a video on your phone could not be added to audio tracks and doesn’t let you play under single list. Snaptube offers you options to download both in audio and video formats, which helps you save in audio files separately.


  1. Why use Snaptube for PC

  • Snaptube is user-friendly

There are plenty of apps, which are available in the market that can be used to download videos and audios from a video streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion and so on. Snaptube lets you access YouTube website with a similar user interface and this helps people to look for the right option and download instantly. Snaptube has been one of the most downloaded applications regarding similar features for its user-friendly interface and navigation map.

  • Snap tubes can be installed in your computer

There are a lot of ways to download a video on a computer, but the right way of downloading is by installing an application. Installing an application on your PC hard drive increases performance and downloads quickly. Unlike other 3rd party web applications, you do not have a deal with excessive ads and pop-ups. Installing an application on your hard drive secures from a virus attack, as it does not open up with any website. An online download site allows taking certain access to download the video onto your computer.

  • Works faster

As PC would be able to handle more work at a time compared a tab or a mobile phone, it is widely recommended to use a PC to download any music or a video from any of the video streaming websites. Snaptube is user-friendly on the PC and lets you access more options and would not be congested to look at more choices in videos. A PC version is usually faster than a mobile phone or tab, as computers are usually equipped with a good amount of ram and operating system.

  1. Instructions to Download Snaptube for PC

You can download Snaptube application by visiting the website. It is widely advised to visit their website to know more options and versions of Snaptube. Depending on your operating system and bits, the version changes accordingly. The latest version of Snaptube for the most recent version of the operating system works best usually, as most of the known glitches and errors would have been fixed.

Downloading the application is not sufficient, as you have to install the application on your hard drive to open and function properly. It is important to install correctly, as broken installation files could result in an error while performing the task. In order to run Snaptube for your PC, it is important to download and install BlueStacks player, as it provides the User interface to access Snaptube to download videos.

Detailed step of downloading and installing Snaptube application for your PC

  • Visit to download the latest version of application
  • Download by clicking download button with the respective operating system.
  • Choose the operating system carefully, as the application might give up errors if it is not installed properly.
  • Unzip files and Install the application by clicking on .exe, which has been downloaded from the website
  • Install the process as it takes and finishes it successfully.
  • You can find an icon on the desktop and in programs under windows button.
  • Click on the icon and choose your favourite video streaming website
  • Search for your favourite videos and click on download button available on the screen.
  • A download status appears and selects the target location to save the video in the required format.

Other ways of using Snaptube

Snaptube can be used with the help of different electronic gadgets such as Mobile phones, tablets, and Personal computers. It is all about the user to choose his or her most used medium. It is quite obvious that the software is well suitable for computer, as you can see a lot of options and choices. It is very much essential to be present on different mediums, as most of the users prefer to use it on all the mediums or a single medium.

As Snaptube is available for the different medium of gadgets, a person uses it to their convenience and avoids wasting time in transferring a particular video track from phone to computer or vice versa. The same benefit in all the mediums, as it helps people to use all the necessary facilities in all the devices.

  • Mobile Phones

Snaptube can be used on your mobile phone by installing the APK directly from the website or by transferring the APK file from the computer. You can also transfer from other mobile phones or tablets with the help of file sharing apps like share it, Wetransfer and so on. Mobile phones take the front seat regarding users, as most of the users prefer to view and download on the go and mobile phones are a great way to watch videos and listen to audio while on the go.

  • Tablets

Tablets are being a pick of the day for people, who have a minimal amount of work to do on a daily basis or people, who would love to play games or work on simple tasks. Tabs take a major role in electronic gadget innovation, as most of the PC users have switched to tabs because of the amount of work.

  • Personal Computers

Downloading a Snaptube in a computer would be the best choice compared to any other gadget, as we tend to be in front of the computer for a longer period than using a tab or a cell phone. A computer can display a video in a better way because of the screen size compared to any other electronic device. The process and the operation are user-friendly, as it is easier to search for the download file or the download status.

  1. Different websites

There are a lot of video streaming sites, which gives out a lot of videos based on the requirement. Most of these video streaming sites would contain videos based on the uploaders. If you are looking forward to downloading a news clip or a documentary, it is almost impossible to get it from a 3rd party website. Video streaming sites can help you in getting most of the videos possible, as the site would have a lot of users, who would be both uploading and watching videos.

Some of the most popular video streaming websites are YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion and all these sites promote their concept to upload videos from different users in the world. It helps the company to maintain an excellent database and stream videos based on the requirement.

  1. Advantages of using Snaptube in your PC

There are a lot of applications available online to use and download videos from any of the video streaming websites, but Snaptube is a unique application, which is both users friendly and gives out multiple options to download different formats. Snaptube is the best-known video downloading an application, which mainly downloads from some of the most popular video streaming websites flawlessly. It helps people to download their favourite videos using a single application.

Snaptube is a user-friendly application, which runs without ads and pop-ups. Snaptube let you download multiple audio or video files at one shot and this helps people to save time in waiting for a song to download or to even search for a new audio or a video track. As the applications take multiple downloads in one shot, you can easily select a playlist and add it to download folder. It can make your job easier if you are trying to download a lot of audio or video files at one shot.

  • Why choose a proper version

Choosing a proper version while downloading and installing the application takes a significant place in the installation process. Every file is programmed and designs to suit the desired version of the operating system. If the files do not match while performing the activity, the chances of getting an unfortunate result are more. You might not be able to download any file, as the application keeps throwing you an error message in the middle of the operation.


If you are looking forward to enjoying free music or watching a free audio without having internet connectivity, it is very much essential to download an application, which is capable of downloading audio or video files to your hard drive. When you have a video or an audio saved on your computer, you will have full access to the file and can be played without the internet connectivity.

It is important to check out your priority in terms of video and try to download if you are planning to watch or listen to it for a longer period. It helps people in saving data on their mobile phones, tabs, and computer.


Snaptube for iPad

Snaptube is an application to be installed on an iPad, as people prefer to watch videos and listen to audio tracks on a regular basis. Snaptube is a video downloading app, which downloads from some of the major video streaming websites. It helps people to download their favourite tracks for free of cost and by not searching for a long time on the internet.

Snaptube for IPad

  1. Advantages of using Snaptube for iPad

  • Availability of the application in the market

Snaptube is just like another application, which is available both on the iTunes store and on the website. It is not necessary to search for the Snaptube through torrents or 3rd party sites, which can attract a lot of fake, junk and virus apps. As Snaptube is available on iTunes app store, it is easier to search and install the application. The other way of installing the app in a secure way is to download the app with the help of Cydia on your iOS device. Go ahead and search for Snaptube applications, which are available easily to download on your iPad.

  • Download add free videos from your video streaming websites

Facing ads is frustrating for most of us, as it interrupts the workflow and reduces the speed of the operation. Snaptube is an add-free application, which performs a lot faster than other video downloading apps and lets you download smoothly. As the operation is easy, clean and crispy, the process motivates you to download more videos.

  • Download your favourite video in different Formats

It is possible that few people would prefer to download only audio files of the video tracks, as it saves space and data on the device. Snaptube lets you use the application to download only in Audio or video formats or both the options. There are plenty of video formats available, and all these formats are different from each other based on the clarity, size and the quality of pixels. People prefer to download in both high definition and low definition videos for various reasons. Snaptube allows users to select their preferred version to download in the required format.

  1. Instruction to install and use Snaptube for iPad

  • Check for download options
  1. You can install Snaptube with the help of iTunes app store, as Snaptube is available on the iTunes store to download without risk.
  2. You can install Cydia on your iOS device and search through the Cydia store, and you will be able to find Snaptube to download
  • Install the application

Install the app after downloading. It may take a long time sometimes, but wait for it install completely.

  • Use or open the application

Open the application by clicking on the icon, which will usually be available on the main window.

How to download a video or an audio track from the application?

  1. Once you open the app, you can choose your favourite video streaming website to download the videos and select the same.
  2. The User interface changes to the respective site interference to help in searching for a particular track
  3. Open the track of your choice and download the video by clicking on the download button
  4. Select the format you are looking for and click on download


Snaptube has been widely recommended by most of the app lovers, as it is both user-friendly and an ad free application. There are a lot of applications, which lets you, download video and audio files from the video streaming sites, but they will be either paid or filled with ads during the operation.



Snap Tube App for IPhone Users

Snaptube IPhone : An Introduction

The modern world is the digital world where the usage of modern gadgets plays a significant role. Every device plays an important role. Anything which minimizes the user labor is given a huge preference.  Mobile phones are the best-quoted examples in justification of this statement. However, this was the most basic theory of the digital world. Now that every gadget minimizes the usage of the humanity, different criteria have been set up for the preference.

  1. Those devices which offer more and more feature.
  2. Those devices which hold a brand name.

When start to talk about mobile phones, and then we have a lot of trending phones available in the market. A lot of phone making companies have emerged and each holds the certain value. However, the one that satisfies the criteria mentioned above is preferred iPhone is one of those trending mobile phones that carry a brand name as well as the features that gives the user a holistic view of the uniqueness and smartness of the brand.

Features of Snap tube iPhone

If the phone holds a brand name then certainly, it must possess some great features that make it hold some great value in the market. There is only a single button present on the front screen of the handset. This button is called as the home button that redirects the user to the home screen with the apple apps wherever the user may be present. On the home screen, all the installed Apple applications are present clicking on which the user gets the access to that particular app. With the advancement in technology, the company introduced the latest versions of the Smartphones. The latest version offers the features like Siri which works on the voice of the user. It offers the variety of applications.

download snaptube iphone

download snaptube iphone

Snaptube download

Today, almost a lot of users have the iPhone. The only thing that varies is the versions of iPhone. However, for the entertainment-loving people, each version of iPhone offers them to listen to songs download audios and videos. For the ease of access, iPhone provides an application known as Snaptube. It is the application that allows the user to download every type of YouTube video on his handset. Not only this, but the video can be downloaded in any video format. i.e. in MP3 or MP4 format. It does not require any extra plug-in to play the video thus saving time for installation as well as space inside the phone. Snaptube download for iPhone plays the major role to get high definition videos.

Features of Snap tubes

YouTube, as we all know is a very well-known application for watching the videos. The videos can be watched online as well as offline. However, due to the issues of copyrights, YouTube does not allow downloading the videos. Numerous users want the video for the entertainment person. For those users, apps like Snaptube iPhone come into existence with which the person can download any video from YouTube. It offers many features. Some of which are:

  • We can download the video in high quality, thus making it exciting to watch.
  • While YouTube videos display the ads in the videos, it omits the same, thus making the user experience certainly excellent.
  • If a person intends to search the YouTube video, he needs not to go to the YouTube link again and again for the requisite. The app offers its search engine on which the user can search for the video.
  • The download can be paused as well as resumed, thus again making it user-friendly.
  • Likewise, YouTube also shows the trending videos on the top; so that the users do not miss any latest video he was willing to see.
  • All these services require no additional cost, and all can be availed with just a simple download of the application.

Download Snaptube for iPhone

This app can be downloaded on iPhone only. You can download Snaptube for iPhone at free of cost at anytime. For another handset, there are other versions of the application. For downloading the application, all a person need to do is to go to the app store on the iPhone. In the app store, the person needs to type, Snaptube iPhone and hit the download button. The download Snaptube process goes this way.

Installation Process

The installation process is nothing much to be done. All you need is the downloaded application. As and when the download gets completed, the user needs to open the downloaded apk of the app and follow the steps of the installation. Complete every step of the installation by allowing the permissions that the app asks to make the use off. Once the permits are granted, the installation automatically gets initiated, and the app gets installed on the iPhone handset.


The thing seems very tempting; however, there is a thing that crushes one’s dream into pieces. The app is only available for the Android users till now and not iPhone. Yes. The users may feel disappointed hearing that. However, it is not the thing for which the users need to get disappointed. The process is going on, and very soon the app will be available in the app stores of the iPhones.  The users may be thinking that if the app is not available then what is the download and installation process all about?

Well for those users who are thinking about the same, there are the apps that play alternative to the Snap tubes. Apps like Video Downloader for iPhone are intended for the same function. It has same features as that of the Snaptube iPhone. The users can download the videos from the sites quickly as well as easily. Until the time, the Snap tube for iPhone does not get developed, and the users can work out with the alternative apps as they are not that bad. Rather they can be called as the replacement for the same. Certainly, it is a good thing which does not let the users down.

Snaptube for iphone

Snaptube is an application or an app, which is usually available in the app store in iPhone. Videos are best watched on YouTube, and most of the people prefer to watch it offline when they are not connected to the Internet. Most of the users have a tendency of watching different kinds of videos online and always look forward to saving videos on their mobile phones to watch without spending data. There are only a few applications, which help you save your videos offline or on your cell phone. Saving videos on your mobile phone will always be beneficial, as you can watch it whenever you wish to.

There are a lot of benefits or advantages of using Snaptube for iPhone, as Snaptube has a different kind of benefit, which is usually not available in any other similar apps on the play store. This application has seen a lot of hype in the past few months, as the applications come up with different features, which are favourable for most of the people regarding downloading both video and audio files.

Why Use Snaptube?

Snaptube iOS app is one of the popular apps available in the play store, which is widely used to download videos from YouTube and other video websites. Snaptube for iPhone is an ultimate tool, which can be used to download videos from YouTube. As most of the videos are available on YouTube, it is easier to search for a particular song to download on your mobile phone. Snaptube is a user-friendly tool, which can be used to download any video from YouTube by using the URL or the video link of the video. Snaptube is an app, which is available for all the iOS versions and it contains no ads. Snaptube app can be used to download not only videos but can be used to download only audios from the video. It helps people to download audio and save memory on the mobile phone.

snaptube for iphone

Snaptube is an app available for Android as well, but there are a lot of applications which are available for Android at the same time. iPhone users are bound to use YouTube or any other video channels only while they are connected to the Internet. It could be a disadvantage since many people in under-developing countries would not be able to afford or avail internet connectivity all the time. Snaptube for iPhone can be used to download offline and to download it on the device, which may not make a huge difference. It is not recommended to use download offline option from YouTube or snaptube since the video, or the audio file would not be saved on the memory and do not let you use it on a different device. Saving a video or an audio file on the memory card lets you transfer or backup while switching devices and you can easily transfer the file to any other device using file transfer apps quickly.

Exclusive features of Snaptube

Snaptube has gained an immense popularity on Android, where users are enjoying the utilization of the application by downloading videos and audios instantly. Snaptube lets you download videos from most of the popular video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on. there is no necessity of using a third party video downloading or audio downloading website, as you get to use Snaptube to download all kinds of available videos from major video buffering websites. You will have enough options to download videos in multiple formats like mp4, AAC and so on… this helps you download videos based on the requirement. As not every phone and player support every format available, Snaptube lets you download the preferred format, which can be of great help to play videos without flaw.

snaptube download

Snaptube Download and installation process

iPhone gives out an option to download apps by visiting or getting into a default app called play store. Just like every application, Snaptube can be downloaded easily by visiting the play store app on your iPhone. Search for Snaptube download in the search bar, and you can find the Snaptube app on the top of the list. You can download either by clicking on the download button from the list or by visiting the app’s home screen. It is wise to get into the app’s home screen, as you can figure out the features of the application. App’s home screen contains features, technical details of the app, screenshots, reviews and feedback of the app.

It helps you understand the app clearly before downloading and does not let you fall into a confusion of knowing different options on the app. You can download the app from the home screen, and it gets installed on your iPhone automatically. Once the installation process completes, you can see the app either on the home screen of your phone or in a separate folder, which would have been created by you earlier.  Tap the Snaptube icon, and you can get to see a similar screen like YouTube, where you can browse videos of different sort and download by clicking on the download button available right next to the video.

Advantages of using Snaptube over other applications

Snaptube comes out with the various kinds of benefits, and the primary advantage is that you can download videos without issues or without paying any amount of money. It is not easy to download videos for free of cost since most of the sites offer a paid membership, which can be used to download limited or unlimited videos. YouTube, Vimeo, and daily motions let you watch videos for free of cost, but do not let you download it on your mobile phone, as they miss on video hits or visits. Snaptube helps users to download videos onto their mobile phone and lets them watch it without having access to the internet. It can be a great advantage for most of the people, as not everybody would have access to the internet on the go.

Snaptube lets you download videos in different formats like MP4, AAC, VOB, AVI and so on. This helps people to save the precise format videos. Snaptube is highly beneficial in downloading audio files as well. Snaptube can be used to convert and download audio files from the video files. This helps users to listen to music without having access to the Internet. Music files are available in different formats, and Snaptube lets you download preferred music format, which can be accessed on every phone and every music player.

Installing application without using app store

Applications are meant to be installed with the help of app store on your iPhone; however, there is another way of installing an app by transferring the app file to your phone. You can use your computer to install the app by transferring app file to your phone folder. There are cases, where Snaptube app would not available or unable to access correctly on your AppStore. Transferring file from your computer helps people to install it instantly and quickly, as you would be completing the step of downloading with the aid of your computer. It is not suggested to use this way, as we can see a lot of bugs and glitches on the app, which can turn out to be dangerous for your data and your phone.

Another way of installing a Snaptube app from your computer is to download the app on your computer’s app store and install it regularly. Try connecting your computer’s AppStore to your iPhone’s app store. When the connection is successful, you can see the app being transferred to your phone and will be available to use it without any issues. This process helps you save time since we can access app store quite easily and can see different features and options of your app on the big screen.

 How to use Snaptube application on your iPhone

Snaptube application is pretty easy to use, as you will be able to find most of the options on the video screen. The application would look very much similar to YouTube or vibeo in general, but it would have an extra option to download instantly. Once you install the app from the AppStore, you would be able to find the same on the home screen or in a folder. Tap the application to open and browse videos just like you browse it on any other video buffering websites. Click on download option when you want to download the video or audio, the moment you click on the same, and you would be asked to select either video or audio.

Based on the requirement, you can select video and audio and select the preferred format to start downloading. You should be able to find the downloading status on your app and your status bar. As soon as you finish downloading the video or an audio file, you can find the downloaded file in your download folder, or you can directly access from your video or an audio player respectively. You can start playing the video or an audio file without the help of iTunes or any 3rd party player.

No ads and plug-in

Snaptube can be used or accessed with no ads or plug-in. It helps you to use without any unwanted breaks. Ads can be frustrating, as you will have to spend a lot of time waiting for the advertisement the complete. Snaptube download would not give a hard time by making users to watch unwanted video ads in between the tasks. Snaptube lets the user enjoy its benefits without charging a penny or playing videos in between. It can be considered as a great benefit since users would not spend or waste time in watching ads.

No Plug-in

Most of the video downloading apps are paid, or they make users watch videos to recover the revenue. Snaptube gives out a great advantage of watching and downloading videos without any requirement of plug-in. There is no need of adding or installing any plug-in to your Snaptube app, as the app comes with full options and features to be used flawlessly. It is possible to watch and download videos and audios without using any external plug-in. You can download the video in any format and convert to any format without the use of plug-in.

iPhone versions

iPhone has different versions, and most of the versions do support Snaptube for iPhone to a greater extent. Snaptube app can be installed and used on iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPad. It helps people to install and download videos and audios instantly. As people tend to use iPhone for a long time, it is easier for people to use Snaptube flawlessly rather than changing or switching to a higher version of the phone. The whole process of watching the video or audio and downloading the same remains the same apart from some options, depending on the version. The app runs flawlessly without giving any issues irrespective of versions and phones from Apple.